David Lorms
David Lorms is a Top Farmer’s Insurance Agent, a Best-Selling Author, and a Blue Vase and Toppers Club Award recipient for his achievements in the Insurance Industry.

David spent several years in the business handling insurance claims, which gives him a unique background as an Insurance Agent. He sees the process of getting insured from all sides, but most importantly, from the human side. He prides himself on providing the right product for the right person – which is why he is so highly regarded in his community of Houston, TX.

In addition to his business, David is heavily involved in his community as a member of his Home Owners Association, an Usher at his Church, and donating time and money to several local Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Seeing the importance of school attendance, David founded a perfect attendance program which awards high achievers with bikes, medals or other items deemed appropriate by the schools. David is also involved in the March of Dimes, AIDS Walk, and Cell Phones for Soldiers, a program that collects old cell phones to exchange for minutes for soldiers to use to call their families.

In his off time, David enjoys traveling, photography, and tennis. He also enjoys spending time with his God Kids, Niece and Nephew.

Learn more about David Lorms at www.lormsinsuranceservices.com or contact him at 713-688-8669